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BRAINS: with a side-order of Flesh.

User: Sia V
BRAINS: with a side-order of Flesh.
Alexis Eynes, your average, A - Grade highschooler, with a hint of a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and a dash of ingeniality, has awoken in her highschools' infirmary, disoriented, in pain and with lack of memories for an elongated period of time.

Suddenly thrown into a world of chaos and disorder, she realises her highschool - as well as the rest of the world - is stricken by a deadly plague.

But even genius's find it hard to survive when surrounded by ones' typical flesh-eating, skin peeling, undead friends. Zombies.

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Sia V

I'm sooooo sorry!!! I've had exam preparation for the past few weeks!! But Rest assured i will have the next chapter (if not a few *crosses fingers*) up by or on Friday!!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

i love it bu ti thought that mathieu was the forein exchange student that was a slow zombies and deav hit him in the back of the head so was ok or alive or is she mistaken. i wish u would stop teasing me lol by the way you cover is way scary lol

1 Kommentar
Sia V

Mathieu was the foreign exchange student! It's a twist I'm working on. And yes, he is a slow zombie that Delevan hit. Sorry for the teasing! Just thought it would make the story a bit more intriguing lol. XD

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