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Living it my way

In 70 days! Von:
Living it my way

"Why do I have to marry him, Mom? I don't even know him." I shrieked at her."I'm just 21. I have my whole life ahead of me. There's so much I wish to do. I want to travel to various places, roam into the forests, have lots of pets, and most of all I want to be a wildlife photographer. There's no place for marriage in my life at this point. I just got my degree." I came down to a whisper as I ended my babbling, tears sprinted in the corner of my eyes. 

She looks at me with genuine concern, Though her face held a firm determination. It was in her set of eyes, the tight line of her lips. That said it all.

"I'm not opposed to your dreams and you know that. We both love you heartily. But eventually it all comes down to the money."

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