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Echo Of Subtle Voices

Echo Of Subtle Voices
"Each word bears its weight, so you have to read my poems quite slowly."
-Anne Stevenson
Not to say much, this is a collection of poems catering to different aspects of life and world. Happy reading!

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Shweta Bharati

I really do agree and not to say one can write experiences of others, too. And "The Working People" is one of my personal favourites.

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I am not a poet but want to believe I write lyrical prose. I really loved your book- down to the core of the cover with a violin- music is my first love. But in your collection I especially like - Ephemeral Relationship- In the theater of the mind and River Soliliquy. that one I can walk and dream of this one in my own backyard. thanks for the lovely read

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You have such a diversity of poetry in your book,all very well written. My favorite was the Hope Fairy.Good job. Serena

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My favs were The working People and This Too Shall Pass. You are very creative with your writing. Greatd Job!

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