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My Human Mate

User: Shivani
My Human Mate

Robert N Dawson is a Lycian.
Alisha L Ellwood is a human.


He is the son of kings of all the werewolf.
She is an adopted daughter of Queen of all creature.


He is soon to be a king of all werewolf.
She is soon to be a representative of the vampire council.


He is a most feared and restless person and a high school popular playboy.
She is a loner and bullied by most popular students especially by his group.


He wants nothing more than a mate.
She wants nothing more than love.


He is 20 years old.
She is going to be 18 soon.


What happened when they find out that they are mates and made for each other? Will they accept each other or will reject each other?  Will they able to face the problems that the world throw at them and have their happy ending?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The cold heart vampire and the slave"
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