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"It's hard to trust someone, when everyone you ever opened up your heart to, has let you down and pushed you away"

The day before Autumn's 16th birthday was when her world world was changed forever. It was the day her parents were killed by an enemy pack as they were trying to protect Autumn and her older brother Blake. But what made it ever worse was that it also was the same day that Autumn got kidnapped and the last time she thought she would see Blake. Those 4 months she was gone were the worst months of her life.

Now it's 2 months before her 18th birthday and ever since her kidnapping almost a year and a half ago she has never been the same. Without her older brother Blake and their Aunt Kelly, Autumn would never have been able to get through everything that's happend to her. Since then Autumn doesn't like it when other people touch or get close to her in any way. She flinches at anything, she has trust issues and she doen't like being around any guy or group of guys alone. The only ones she trust are Blake and her Aunt Kelly. Plus she has nightmares that haunt her and a heart that can never be fixed, but that's until she meets Hunter.

Ever since the begining of summer, all Hunter has heard about from everyone was that two new kids had moved into town and would be going to the high school. For the three months that everyone had off for summer, Hunter has only met Blake, the brother, but not his younger sister. When he met Blake he knew right off the back that Blake was a Shifter or werewolf as some may call us, just like he was. After they met, Hunter knew that he would get along well with Blake and his sister, but thing was that he still hadn't met her yet and couldn't figure out why Blake would become all defensive when he would ask about his younger sister.

So what happens when Hunter runs into Autumn one the first week of school. Will Autumn allow Hunter to get close to her? Will she be able to tell him her secret? Can Hunter help Autumn turn back into the fun, outgoing, loveable, happy girl that she once was or will her fear of everything hold her back? But can having the support of her brother Blake and her love for Hunter help her survive or will it destory her?

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I really like this book. I like how you made her scared of everyone else except her aunt, brother, Zoe and her mate Hunter that is so sweet.

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