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"BOOK 1" Von:
Cheyanne Collins is best friends with the most popular guy in school, Darren O'Connor. She sees the side of him that no one else sees; the sweet, loving, fun, protective guy because most of the school thinks of him as a player.

Cheyanne can't wait till Darren comes back home from visiting his dad for the past two and a half months of summer. With only two weeks left of summer vacation Cheyanne is excited to spend them with Darren, but she has a secret that she has been keeping from him.

What Cheyanne doesn't know is that Darren also has a secret of his own. Darren wants to tell Cheyanne how he feels but he is afraid of risking their friendship. Will they be able to tell each other their deep dark secret or will their friendship get in the way?

As Cheyanne and Darren are trying to keep things in their lives simple, Cheyanne learns things about her two other best friends; Tess and Leo. But what she learns about Tess isn't so different from her own past. With the things she learns, Cheyanne tries to use both their past excperiences to help them both move on, but will it be that simple or will it just hurt them?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "TO BE LOVED AGAIN"
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"BOOK 1"
love, best friends, secrets, high school
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the book is good you should write more

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really love your storyline...can't wait to read further....please hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make next one

on the cover is it Annie and dare or Tess and Leo??

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