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What am I to do?

Girl Drama Von:
User: shi1234
What am I to do?
Girl drama. Nothing like it. It can be good....or bad. It can be dramatic....or quiet. It depends on the problem and how big it is. This is a take on the dramatic life of a teenage girl. Relationship, friendships, and more.

drama, girls, problems
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I really like it awesome for teens like me to read :-)

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J.C. Laird

You probably need another teenager to R & R this. Basically, what you have here is a daily journal chronicling the daily trials and tribulations of a young teenage girl.

It is not your classic story with a beginning, middle and end, so therefor I'm somewhat at a loss to review it. It will not appeal to a general audience.
As a diary/journal of a young girl, fine. As a classic "story," no.

A few things on mechanics. Dialogue:... mehr anzeigen

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I really liked this book, it made me remember how crazy it was to be a teen girl.

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