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Do You think I care?

Yeah, I so don't Von:
Do You think I care?
Shaniqua is seventeen and lives with her best friend Casey. Her parents don't give a damn and neither does she. But will someone come along and show her that there are people who care.

There is swearing in this book, just so you know. =)


Ok so this was the original write. However, I published it as a new one. Same title but it's a little different and It's longer and it also has a second one. again titled the same. However, the covers are different. and the first one has the subtitle REWRITE and the second subtitle is CONTINUATION.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "True Love"
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Do You think I care?
Yeah, I so don't
Family, Romance, Attitude, Werewolf, Fantasy
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Ok everybody. I updated on this book but couldn't add anymore on this one. so I named it the same. same cover but red writing it says rewrite at the bottom. then when it wouldn
t let me add more to that, I went to the second one. Again, same name. But its red roses on the cover and purple writing. At the bottom it says continuation. Hope you guys like it though my writing style has changed some since i started it.

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I'm working on it during school so it takes a little longer, sorry guys. At the same time, thank you all so much for your support. it makes it all worth while

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my mom uesta say u have a big shit-eatin grin on ur face wait was it my nana mom dad i dont knoa i forgot

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