the ocean is calling me

User: shawnti
the ocean is calling me
As i walk upon the cold tan sand with the cold water under the sand that makes it so cold and i hear the seagul's calling my name and the waves overlaping each other and then someone said something to me and then i looked around but i did not see any one there and they said it again and i said are this waves talking to me and the waves said yes we are and the waves said come to me come my dear and they said come to my world we will protect you just come to me so i came to the talking waves and they said come to me and i will hold you tight in my wavy arm's and i will never let you go they said to me so i walked down to the egde of the shore and i said why me why do i have to do this and i said have you ever did this to another person and the wave's said no just you and i said ok and then i walked in the water and it freezing cold and then one of the overlaping wave's hit my hand's and then i got deeper in the water and as i was going deeper and deeper in the water it was geting warmer and warmer like if i was seating in front of a heater and it was keeping me warm and i was not touching the bottom floor of the ocean then a big wave hit me in my face as i was swimming then i went under the water and then i was rolling in the water and i could not get any air and then out of no where i had got some air becouse i pop out of the water and then i had got some air then another big wave hit me and it was bigger then the first wave theni new i was not geting back up to get air then i hit my head on a rock then i touched the bottom floor of the ocean then as i lay there and then i had a flashback about what the waves said to me that they said they were going to hold me tight and the would never let me go and they said that they were going to protect me and they were right that they were never going to let me go then that flashback woke me and then i swimmed to the top of ocean as fast as i could and then i was up at the top and had got some air and i thought i was never going to see another day and it was a long way to go to the shore so i swimmed and swimmed and swimmed and i was there at the shore and i said that was something and then i got up and walked home . (THE END)

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