mermaid GIRL

by shawnti Von:
User: shawnti
mermaid GIRL
as i swim threw the warm water with my blue scaly mermaid tail that make me swim fast then a human or anything under the deep blue sea and then i come up and look at the pretty blue sky and then i see someone that look like they are seeking in the deep sea but they can not touch the bottom floor of the sea that i live in as i swim over with my fast mermaid tail and it was a girl about my age and i said it is ok i am here to save you then she said ok then i take her up to shore and then i go back to the deep blue sea were i live and then as i watch her lay there and then a man comes but it is her grandpa and then she wakes up and she was choking on some water but then she get's up and her grandpa said are you ok and she said yes grandpa and then she said grandpa are mermaid's real and he said yes way and then she said becouse that is what saved me and brout me to shore and then her grandpa said let's get you home and then we can get a glass of milk and cookies and she said ok


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