The Book of Michael

or ALL Cowboys Go to Heaven Von:
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The Book of Michael
These poems, written by Michael J. Sweet, serve as a portrait of his life style and as a tangible way to keep Mike in our hearts.
He writes about cowboys, hobos and campfires; skiing; Halloween, ghosts and werewolves; dogs, wolves and the buffalo; riding motorcycles; the Heavens and Hell. He has it covered. Enjoy!

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A truly impressive book, Sparky. Thanks for sharing it. Your book brings back many favorite moments with Mike. I only wish he could have seen it before it was too late.

Dick & Betty F

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There is something about riding a bike that makes you feel free. Maybe that is how the cowboy felt on his horse. I have also felt the hobo freedom in my backpack travels. There is something in us that looks for the unknown. Is it only being able to be alone? As we head into that unknown space, we call it adventure. Thanks for sharing the book.

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