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sex cells

jail bait Von:
User: sharrah
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soon (:

when i write and i write a sentence i really like, i get side tracked and start writig a whole new story . but i promiseeeeeee, this ill be done beofore MAY. thanks again for your support .

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Gooduklady, thankyou for your feedback, however i disagree. i may have tons of spelling errors and structural erros and blah blah blah, but its my first draft my job was to keep people wanting more, and i think i've filled that postion perfectly. and as for my sexual scenes? humdrum? i think they're anything but! it got your pulse racing(:

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Unfortunately, this is not even erotica, in my opinion. I think it needs to have an "X" rating on it so that minors do not read it (even though YOU are a minor yourself). Content is not appropriate for youngsters.

Your writing? I shall be brutally frank. Poorly written. Tons of grammar, spelling and structural errors. Plot line flimsy. Sexual scenes - humdrum.

You obviously have a wish to write. Why not write something... mehr anzeigen

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Hi, have u finished the book? & I think your writing's fine for a beginner, people shouldn't be so mean when they post comments here, especially as this book was free to download. Happy holidays & best wishes for 2017.

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