That Little Thing Called Day-Dream Von:
Amethyst Fields is sort of the pretty and trusted sidekick type of character and her best friend Reenee usually plays the outgoing heroin, but Amethyst life changed when she and Reenee arrived to the biggest party of the century, that's Cassandra Carvera's (their arch enemy) end of the year graduation/birthday party. Everything was going great so far, Amethyst and Reenee were hatching the ultimate pay-back scheme to ruin Cassandra's reputation; but things soon went wrong when a very interesting interruption occurred at the party. And now Amethyst has a secret that she must keep or it could potential cause many people to be hurt or worse. But of course being the the pretty and smart girl that she is, she makes friends with 4 other individuals who just so happen to have the same exact secret she does but with these new-found secrets and abilities can these 5 young people handle the secrets from their past that were always meant to stay forgotten. Because now the secret organization called S.W.I.F.T that changed their lives, has finally had enough of their interference; so now their going to play dirty. And there is no where to wash it off.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "And So The Dream Continued (Book 2/4)"
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That Little Thing Called Day-Dream
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How can I download this book?I'm really interested but the problem is I can't download it.

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same here if there is a way plz tell me too..??

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you commented a long while ago, i just wanted to say thanks. I am actually taking a break from this book to write another one that i want to have completed by the end of two months..."it's called wait for it." then when i am done i ams going to finish this book. so stay tuned.

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