Disturbed Things

Disturbed Things
Sequel to "Decrepit Things"
Kyler and Emma are kidnapped by a government base and are told that since they have successfully killed the escaped experiments, the government base wants them to be admitted into their military. Kyler accepts after a lot of persuading, yet both of them are changed by science. They eventually hit the point were they can't take anymore probing, tests, and threats. Will they finally be able to live a semi-normal life with their new child? Or will they be forced back into the harse life that they now loathe? BOOK UNFINISHED

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Severe Change"
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Decrepit Things
Disturbed Things
Love, Kidnapped, Science, Bird-Hybrids
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Cant wait to read more. I have read both books and they are great.

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