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Decrepit Things

Decrepit Things
Kyler Johnson and Emma Reynolds have been friends since they can remember. After Kyler's parents died in a car accident last summer Emma has comforted him in the most closet way possible...being his love. In this tradgic tale Emma finds out that she is pregnant with Kyler's child. During the time she finds out, creatures of an unknown sort decide to attempt to kill Emma and Kyler. They fight for their lives and for their love.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Severe Change"
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Horror, Gore, Action, Love, Betrayal
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I admitt you really have talent, I couldn't by far leave the book after the first sentence. I also think you should part the paragraphs so it doesn't seen long, in my opinion it bothered me as read it. Hope you right more in this before part 2 or combine them.

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