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Midnight Rose

Midnight Rose
(its not finished, and I realize it may suck in the first chapter but read on it gets better i promise)This is a Hard Time for everyone. Battles are rising. And No-one is safe. My Love will do the best he can to protect me, but I am afraid that it will not be enough. I know I will have to try hard, But I have Little if any hope of surviving.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Midnight Saga"
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Midnight Rose
Midnight, Rose, Battle, Werewolf, Vampire, Love.
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To bad you never got to finish this book

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for all the people who faved my book, thank you. I havent been on for a while but when I have the time it will be much longer. Thank u!-meepylagoe
P.S:I wouldnt mind if you people who faved my book commented, now and then!

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I definitly Plan too write lots, lots more! I have always loved writing, and reading. Once I am done I hope every one enjoys it. There definitly will be a couple of Twists and Turns in this story, so be prepared! I plan to write a series of books like this in "Rose"s perspective. And maybe some in another characters view. Enjoy! I will be adding more, whenever I can!

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I am impressed that someone your age is able to write as well as you do!
This seems like the opening chapter or portion of a longer story, right? Good:)
A suggestion or two to make this book stronger...find those places in the text where you can create new paragraphs. Also, re-read and watch for a few tense changes in the narrative.

I enjoyed your tale. Congratulations, and keep writing; you'll be very very good someday soon!

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