She never wanted that

She never wanted that Von:
She never wanted that
This is a song about a little girl who was abused by her parent's and how she never asked to stay at home when she didn't have to.(The she never wanted to hang by the pool part means she was scared they'd drowned her.)Oh and the hat part that means she was trying to cover the bruises.

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Thanks!I got the inspiration from Caylee Anthony,the stuff she had to go through (even though hers wasn't being beaten)so I wrote a song about kids that get beaten and it goes too far and they end up dieing so thanks for the nice comments! :)

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Hmmm, I have to say it was pretty good for a song. :) Keep on writing lyrics! Oh, and you should really try making this into a book or something..anyway tell me if you ever write more! One more thing were did you get the inspiration?

~Cheyenne X)

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