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Season's Greedings

User: sereni
Season's Greedings
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the boardrooms...

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Very Good Poem, I enjoyed it.

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I enjoyed this poem very much, especially when it came to the end, when the children asked, "where is the rest?" I thought that was cute and funny. :)

It is quite a cheerful poem, in time for Christmas cheers. :)

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You have written a very nice, lively, true to life poem. I really like it. Excellent writing!

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the commercialism trap and in a beautiful bow you certainly did wrap.

Years ago when I first decried the making of Christmas into a credit card mess, one preacher was saying, 'As long as Jesus is still in there, then this madness is worth it."

But I too am afraid that with the political correctness, the celebration of Jesus is not even a tag line.

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Thanks for reading and saving my poem. I am afraid one day the true meaning of Christmas will be pushed aside and it will just be another day to shop.

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Thanks not everything is bad about the holidays.The family times are wonderful. Thanks Serena

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Ah so true, yet so sad. Right on Serena, beautifully and poignantly done! What a poet you are, like a shining star! Robynn

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I did say this year that it may be a little lean and out of the mouth of a 12yr. old came a reply that didn't matter he loved me.Serena

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