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A Birthday To Forget

User: sereni
A Birthday To Forget
There was so much blood I wondered if he was dead, all because of a distorted love. I will never forget my 20th Birthday, and the hell I went through. I wish I could.

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Birthday, blood, death
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I 've had this book up( for free) since March and was asked to be a part of a test group to sell for only $.99. I put this book up for sale.

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Gelöschter User

did you realyy have to make us pay for it? i would have liked it if i could see the whole thing. ps. i hate when people do that and i cant buy it

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Very good short story. Has content, action, and a strong plot. Kept be reading to get to the end.

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I appreciate so much that you have saved my book to your favorites. Serena

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