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A Cinderella Story: The New Way

A Cinderella Story: The New Way
Ally Moore is just a normal girl who grew up serving her step-mother. David Monroe is a pop-sensation who just wants a normal life for a change. When David decides to move back to his hometown he runs into Ally quite alot. The two find themselves craving each others company alot more than Ally would have ever thought possible. But Ally's step-mother doesn't want her to be happy so she'll do anything to stop it. Even if it means hurting anyone who gets involved. Will Ally and David fight for their love or will the evil woman win? When you truly love someone, you'll do anything for them. Even if it means having to give them up.

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Jahlia Taylor

Reading a good story like this one, I suggest you join NovelStar’s writing competition this April.

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Christiana Hinojosa

Please update

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