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Frightened Boy

Frightened Boy
A young man is caught up in a battle between existential terrorists and a paranoid populace in the last metropolis in America. Our hero must decide whether to destroy or salvage the last bastion of civilization. A gritty dystopian thriller (think Hunger Games meets the Matrix.)

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I'm a huge fan of Scott Kelly, and this book only bolsters that fandom. Unlike many of my friends, I truly enjoy the post-apocalyptic genre, especially in terms of how authors see the cause of the end of society as we now know it and also the new ways humans will re-associate with others. Here, I was taken by the conflicting emotions experienced by the protagonist, Frightened Boy. Gotta say, if I ever come upon Banlo Bay, I'm... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I'm a huge fan of Chuck Palahnuik, and this read alot like his books. I enjoyed every minute of it! I have yet to find another book as captivating as this on here! I was disappointed that it was over.....outstanding!

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I read this before and enjoyed it very much So had another read passed a pleasant hour lost in your imagination. Saving it this time I am sure to read again

Wichtiger Beitrag

I was beginning to despair that I would find something that I liked here. This certainly has all the right ingredients. I liked the gloomy, futuristic feel of this story and the characters which felt very convincing. Good stuff! I shall read more...

Wichtiger Beitrag

Well writen Deep and a page turner couldnt stop till it was done. Loved it

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