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Buster Died Today

Buster Died Today
The hardest day of my life.

dog, pets, death, grief
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I feel your pain.
I wrote something very similarin "A Cat, Me and George".
It was the hardest short story I've ever written.

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I really loved the poem ,it shows the love & affection towards your pet dog.

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My daughter lost a puppy during the time of her engagement time ...the condition was critical..the lost was unbearable...she could not talk to her fience and unfortunately....all broke..!
Emotions in life can't be stitched by replacement but poetry art fiction or anything wonderful in nature can change once heart mind and time..You have put the cart before horse by using 'poetry' only inthat is beyond... mehr anzeigen

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I lost my pug of 14 years, and I agree-- "it was the hardest thing."

Great Poem!

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