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horror storys

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San Marcos, Ca

""the secret of Trump’s success is cheating""
While the secret of those benefiting from bailouts, corporate welfare and
legalized tax avoidance supported equally by both wings of our political
duopoly over the past 50 years is ... What?

Video: https://moxox.com
Music: https://muxiv.com
AV: http://yofuk.com

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New York, NY

Economic nationalism, America first, .... all convince me that America is
waning. We've become like all of the other less ""significant"" countries,
demanding more from others rather than leading, inspiring, and yes,
sacrificing for principles unique to us. Historians will point to this time,
this presidency as the moment when we relinquished our leadership - no doubt
to China.

It's a sad time, made all the more... mehr anzeigen

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