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Random Parodys

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Random Parodys
I get very bored and I get random hits of inspiration for parodys, so I build on them, and I write them down and I show my friends, one of my friends had an idea for me to put them in a book for people to read. If you don't like it, then tell me how I could fix them, and if you do like them then please tell me and/or heart it!!!

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Lorian Lilsiel

I liked all your songs, they were really inspired. unfortunately, the only one I could really sing to was the let it go one, and even then I didn't know the (book? show?) it was based off of. I really need to see that so I can understand more of your work. Great job though!

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Leo Automaton

Thank you, I'm making some more soon but the let it go one was from Naruto, an anime and manga.

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Gelöschter User

LOL The only song I knew was pompeii but I liked how you said "How am I going to be sane with this." LOL

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Gelöschter User


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