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Object of Desire

User: ladyasha
Object of Desire
D'Angela Warde was drawn to Gavin Teine. The man was everything she wanted and everything she didn’t know to fear. Attachments to humans were a weakness that Gavin had faced only once, with disastrous results. But this Angel was a craving that he couldn’t discount. D’Angela was much more than even she knew. Gavin provided information and danger that she could never have dreamed. Meric a vampire out to use her for his own twisted amusement and presumed revenge stalks her. She sets out on a quest with two other vampires and a friend to find a father who is also a vampire. For Angel, love brings fears of human mortality. For Gavin, it brings fears of vampiric mutation or worse. Soon Beth sees a future divide in three paths as they struggle to create a path of their choosing. Beth fears for her friends’ life. Gavin finds himself contemplating the one thing that could save her or destroy them both. Will he decide before it’s too late?

Vampire, paranormal
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