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Seventeen years after the first vampire sightings, what remains of the human race has been forced into a futile struggle against becoming livestock in the now dominant vampire society's cattle farms, consisting of rows upon rows of cramped metallic cages stacked on top of each other, wherein blood is drained from the vegetated human cattle to feed the vampire state, called New Eden. Seeing the hopelessness things have fallen to, very few people left in the world dare to actively fight against New Eden. In fact, no one really does, except for Maximilian Wilhelm Rein.

For as long as New Eden has existed, Maximilian Rein has hacked away at everything with fangs (and several things without) that crossed his path. So notorious is his reputation as a vampire killer that he is both admirably and infamously referred to as "the son of a bitch monsters have nightmares about." This reputation made him the primary target in an organized twelve-year manhunt conducted by the vampire authorities of New Eden. A manhunt that, to everyone's shock, finally came to an end when the special operations unit known as the Red Hands captured the only man who still posed a danger to New Eden's rule, and sent him off to be executed in their Capital Dome. Unfortunately for Capital Dome, a captured Maximilian Rein is no less deadly for their kind.

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