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everyone has a perfect -- or at least decent life -- they have everything and I have nothing.


we all need something.


it's too late, i have nothing to offer to this world and i'm just tired.


this can't be over now.


no one could love me, i'm unlovable and worthless.


if i could hold ya, i swear i'd never put you down.


- written by: sarah mcallister -


to anyone struggling with these feelings, please come and talk to me if you need to. i know what it's like to battle depression, and i'm still battling every day. you are not alone, and my mission is to help you realize that.

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i like it!!! very well written. my daughter goes through all these stages all the time...

1 Kommentar

oh, thank you so much!! i aim to connect to people with these poems and it means a lot hearing from you!! :D

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