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First Kiss

A Short Story Von:
First Kiss
Kissing. A word parents reserve for when their children are like, thirty. Well, it's good to dream. So if you enjoy a good kissing scene, read, read, read!

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OH My GOD! THat was THE Hottest Kiss I hAve Ever Know...(: and I know loads!.

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Thanks, but it wasnt really supposed to be all that.......I havent kissed anyone before, I was acting on what i've read.


that makes it even better cuz I`v heard that the most innocent girls are the horniest, AND you just helped prove my point.
Its not horny in a bad way, just innocent and emotional(I like it).
By the way this isnt offensive cuz I`v never kisses either(:

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Thank you so much! I want to be an author when i'm an adult, so every good comment I get means a lot to me. I'm really glad you liked it! (Oh and that "when their children are like, thrity" part is litteraly from my dad's own mouth.) :))

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Which title made me flash back (many years). A big event in everyone's life. Then I read the blurb "...when their children are like, thirty." You hooked me; made me laugh out loud. How could I resist reading this story!?
It's charming, innocent, not overly sensual, and your prose is excellent. Narrated from a young girl's pov, you took a short moment in time and "showed" us an emotion-filled scene in which anger quickly turns... mehr anzeigen

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