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Empress of the World

User: tabiimay
Empress of the World
I can hear Battle breathing-is it louder than usual? Faster? Or is that mine I hear?
I swallow a couple of times. I really should have gotten myself something to drink, too.
"i can't feel any hair," i announce, and step away.
I remember when I first saw Battle and thought of her as Beautiful Hair Girl. She's still beautiful, of course. But now, with her head shaved, she looks much more vulnerable. Smaller. It makes me want to protect her. I dont know from what.
"Ooh yuck, I have little tiny hairs all down my shirt," Battle says rapidly, in a higher voice then usual. She uses both hands to pinch her shirt at the shoulders, then shakes it in an attepmt to dislodge the hairs.
"That's not gonna work, you"ll have to take a shower," I say automatically. Then an incredible vivid picture of Battle in the shower forms itself in my brian. Special effects, cue the Nicola Lancaster Special Neon Blush. Again? Yep, again.

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But there's nothing to read

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though there is nothing uploaded here, I have recently read the full book in hardcopy. It's an absolutely fantastic, an outstanding teen romance that only the only the most souless could read and not feel moved. It's worth buying in a store and reading if that's the only way you can get at it.
I've also read the second book in the series, sorry, cant recommend it as strongly. Ture. Fist book totally rocked though.

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