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The Elemental Dragons

The Elemental Dragons
In a world where one of every four people is an elemental, I’m going to discover that I’m not just any other person. I’m next in line for an ancient group of peace keepers who’s name have been lost for centuries. Before I can help the future I must unravel my past with the help of my master, Ian.
Sarie Lynn is a fifteen year old girl with a fuzzy past and to her an empty future. Her life is turned upside when her parents are killed in a house fire and she now must move in with her master, Ian. Ian has always been a close family friend for longer that she can remember, but Ian seems to be hiding something from her. What could it be? How many things have the man Sarie has seen as a father kept from her? She is about to find out in an adventure than one day begins when she trying to practice at the beach.

Elemental Dragons
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Great start! When do we get another chapter? Sarie sounds very familiar. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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