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A Voyage Of Consolation

User: silviya
A Voyage Of Consolation
It Seems Inexcusable To Remind The Public That One Has Written A Book.
Poppa Says I Ought Not To Feel That Way About It--That He Might Just As
Well Be Shy About Referring To The Baking Soda That He Himself
Invented--But I Do, And It Is With Every Apology That I Mention It. I
Once Had Such A Good Time In england That I Printed My Experiences, And
At The Very End Of The Volume It Seemed Necessary To Admit That I Was
Engaged To Mr. Arthur Greenleaf Page, Of Yale College, Connecticut. I
Remember Thinking This Was Indiscreet At The Time, But I Felt Compelled
To Bow To The Requirements Of Fiction. I Was My Own Heroine, And I Had
To Be Disposed Of. There Seemed To Be No Alternative. I Did Not Wish To
Marry Mr. Mafferton, Even For Literary Purposes, And Peter Corke'S
Suggestion, That I Should Cast Myself Overboard In Mid-Ocean At The Mere
Idea Of Living Anywhere Out Of England For The Future, Was
Autobiographically Impossible Even If I Had Felt So Inclined. So I
Committed The Indiscretion. In Order That The World Might Be Assured
That My Heroine Married And Lived Happily Ever Afterwards, I Took It
Prematurely Into My Confidence Regarding My Intention. The Thing That
Occurred, As Naturally And Inevitably As The Rain If You Leave Your
Umbrella At Home, Was That Within A Fortnight After My Return To Chicago
My Engagement To Mr. Page Terminated; And The Even More Painful
Consequence Is That I Feel Obliged On That Account To Refer To It Again.

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