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To be Curvaceous is to be Free... Von:
User: Bast

With a mother who criticizes her about her weight and limits how much food she eats and a father who pays little to no attention to her and a sister who shows off her flat stomach and mile long legs, life at home isn't the place to be for Carsyn. But when her family moves to the small town of North Jackson, her life takes a drastic turn. At school, where you have to be perfect or you don't fit in, Carysn finds herself in an unlikely love triangle with the schools bad boy and the prized basketball player. Carysn will make new friends, enemies, and will learn a shocking secret about herself. In this book, Carysn will learn to be Curvaceous is to be free...

Romance, fiction
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Gelöschter User

Some grammatical errors to clear up but easily accomplished with a quick edit. Perhaps a trifle over dramatic but well thought out as a beginning. What you do with the tale is the next part of the story. Please do keep working on it as I see real promise in this effort.

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Thank you for your feedback. :D i really appreciate it.

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Rebekah Wave

I like this! Continue this way, I've favorited it. Mind checking mine and perhaps favoriting them?

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Thanks chu! Im planning on updating today or tommorow. And sure no problem!

Rebekah Wave



Nuu problem!!

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