First Adventure

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First Adventure
Swift is a very rare type of were wolf, living in a gigantic stretch of roped off forest with a huge willow tree in the middle of it. He has two friends, Liot and Shadew, Who are big time trouble makers, just like him. Liot has super strength and is older, Shadew is a stick and is very agile and has super speed. Yet a girl comes in his life one day, and he doesn't know what he is doing, or feeling... He is just wondering if his type of were has imprinting at birth.

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East Orange, NJ

As a Canadian, I can state that I have an immense admiration for my southern
neighbour. Over my many sojourns into the US, I have found a warm, hospitable,
people, except in Huntsville, Texas, where a police officer I was asking for
directions drew his gun on my wife and I in an apparent exercise in paranoia
gone berserk. There’s the American rub: an overwhelmingly accommodating
population diluted by an insidious... mehr anzeigen

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