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The Different Purpose

Experiences that get to the heart Von:
The Different Purpose
This poetry book is written based on life experiences that everyone goes throug at some point or another. The subjects can be dedicated to anyone in general and every written poem is based on a true story in life. Love, lies, betrayal,heartbreaks, anything related to life.

Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag
Renier Laroche

hey i know u don't know me but your friend told me to swing by and tell u what i think of your book its like you can see so clearly into your own heart and tell the tales of others so very well that it just flows out onto the paper i for one can feel the longing in your words and am happy i got to read your book thnx you so much well until we meet again your friend and fellow rebel Cornelius aka lycan.666 peace

Wichtiger Beitrag
Maria G. Vieyra

I love it! It's just wonderful and any other positive word that I can't think of yet because it's too early and I need coffee :) I really enjoyed reading this so keep it up! :D

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