Self Help (Fiscle Part 4) Of 2

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Self Help (Fiscle Part 4) Of 2
"Den Muthigen Gehort Die Welt."--German Proverb.

"In Every Work That He Began . . . He Did It With All His Heart,
And Prospered."--Ii. Chron. Xxxi. 21.

There Is A Famous Speech Recorded Of An Old Norseman, Thoroughly
Characteristic Of The Teuton. "I Believe Neither In Idols Nor
Demons," Said He, "I Put My Sole Trust In My Own Strength Of Body
And Soul." The Ancient Crest Of A Pickaxe With The Motto Of
"Either I Will Find A Way Or Make One," Was An Expression Of The
Same Sturdy Independence Which To This Day Distinguishes The
Descendants Of The Northmen.

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