Self Help (Fiscle Part-3 Of 2)

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Self Help (Fiscle Part-3 Of 2)

Hazlitt, In One Of His Clever Essays, Represents The Man Of
Business As A Mean Sort Of Person Put In A Go-Cart, Yoked To A
Trade Or Profession; Alleging That All He Has To Do Is, Not To Go
Out Of The Beaten Track, But Merely To Let His Affairs Take Their
Own Course. "The Great Requisite," He Says, "For The Prosperous
Management Of Ordinary Business Is The Want Of Imagination, Or Of
Any Ideas But Those Of Custom And Interest On The Narrowest Scale."
{24} But Nothing Could Be More One-Sided, And In Effect Untrue,
Than Such A Definition. Of Course, There Are Narrow-Minded Men Of
Business, As There Are Narrow-Minded Scientific Men, Literary Men,
And Legislators; But There Are Also Business Men Of Large And
Comprehensive Minds, Capable Of Action On The Very Largest Scale.

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