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The Vamp That Stole My Heart (Not Literally)

I Tried To Resist But The Pull Was Too Strong Von:
User: Vera R.
The Vamp That Stole My Heart (Not Literally)
Ruth is a werewolf who's in love with a human, when he breaks her heart she goes out to club. What she didn't expect was to go through almost being raped and saved by a vampire...nd to fall in love with him.

By the way the sory in better than the blurb.:)

Ruth, Carmelio, werewolf, human, vampire, mate, love, romance
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was she virgin??? if you say yes pleaseeee make him pay fot what he did to her...:'-(

3 Kommentare

i donna know make her cry or something so he can understand what hhe just did :-( no woman wants something like that :-(!!!!!!

Vera R.

oh I will. She will not go down easily!


ty :-D

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Gelöschter User

this is good keep writing

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