Red Moon Special:

Kaylee And Max Von:
Red Moon Special:
Kaylee found the love of her life five years ago. Even when she found out Max was a vampire, she still loved him. Only one person could make her give up her dreams: his brother, Eric. Eric was not going to let her taint the family’s pure bloodline. Now Kaylee is back, hoping for the courage to fight her nightmares and live her dreams. Will Max star in Kaylee’s dreams, or will Eric continue to star in her nightmares?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Red Moon"
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Red Moon Special:
Kaylee And Max
romance, paranormal, vampires
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have the second book floating in my head. Just cannot decide to make the main character male or female. I have two other books please enjoy those too. Nibbling on love, Jane's cougars. let me know what you think.
samantha dice

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