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King Of Thieves

Will he save, or destroy her?? Von:
King Of Thieves
Sam is a teenage girl who has everything. Money, Love, and Friends. But all that vanishes when her mother dies in a car accident, and her father becomes violent.

(Not Complete)

Emotional, Violent, Abuse, Rape, Sacrifice, Love
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@niamhmolloy: It's the same person it was just a reminder. Because later on in the book the POV will change. Thank you for liking my book.

Wichtiger Beitrag

1 question, do uno at the on chap 2, it says 'Sam PoV' does tht mean the girl tlkin at the strt isnt Sam? thts the only thing really, ryt some more plzzz! tell me wen uv updated! i will b the first 2 no! haahaa! also loved the prt wer she headbutted the floor ;) cheers!

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