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A Needed Friend

User: saye16
A Needed Friend
A feeling of loneliness almost causes a young girl to join a private community in the woods created by those unaccepted in society. But maybe a friend might be able to change her thinking.

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Thanks guys for the comments! This was actually my first time using this program so I definetly needed all the comments I could get. I will fix the font so I hope you haven't lost interest in my book! Thank you so much!!!

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...I couldn't read it for the same reasons felixthecat has mentioned. I would have like to read it myself. The blurb sounded interesting. What I do before posting my books up, is using the normal and or advanced editing options, that way you can go to mini-preview to see what the fonts would look like and if it readable. :)

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The font is impossible to read, and there are no paragraphs.

Go back and put in a different font and I will be happy to read.

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Please forgive me...I couldn't read it. The font is WAY too small and light! There was no enlargement feature there, either. I'm rather saddened. Every entry deserves a read and a comment. Is it too late for you to go back and choose 12 point font in edit? I don't think it would affect your story being in the contest...maybe ask Lineh.
Please announce at the forums if you get the font readable:)


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