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The Lion Attitude

The Keys To Unlocking The Character of Dependable Leaders Von:
The Lion Attitude

This book will teach you the Guaranteed ways to becoming a dependable Leader who people would be willing to give their life for.

THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN to give you ways and examples that are require to become a dependable leader.
Being a leader is quite different from being a follower and this book will give you principles that will enable you rise from the rank of Follower to the rank of Leader.
This book will not just show you the essential characteristics that a good leader is supposed to exhibit but will also show you great and successful persons who lived their life by these simple but concrete characteristics and became renown leaders that history will never fail to mention.
In writing this book it will amaze you to know that I have painstakingly studied not just the lives of great and successful leaders but also what makes the lion to be called the king of the forest despite its appearances.
The purpose of the this book is very direct and simple.
It makes no pretense to literary excellence nor does it seek to demostrate any unusual scholarship on my part. It is simple a leadership personal improvement manual.
It is written with the aim of helping leaders move from the stage of being just followers to a more complex stage of true leadership.
“Mere reading of this book will be useless if it suggestions are not painstaking applied. So I therefore urge every readers who aspire to become leaders - dependable leaders, to thoughtfully read, sincerely and persistently applied at least half percent of every principles given therein”.
But if at the end of reading this book, you were only able to understand one or two of it suggestions, don’t worry, no knowledge is a waste but rather a stepping stone to becoming a more fulfilled and dependable leader.
As you read, let’s keep roaring like the lion king

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Eugy Enoch

One of the greatest leadership books I have published. . . Get the offer today

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