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I was always told I was never good enough. Never pretty enough. Never mature enough. Never enough of anything. As I got older, my father made me wear beatiful, delicate Venetian masks. The only time I was ever allowed to remove them was to shower and sleep. He kept me hidden in his palace.

I have never set foot outside, and now, after 16 years of this dreary life, I've had enough.

It's my turn to shine.

(A/N: This is just a little idea I had. It's still forming, so progress and updating may be a little slow.)

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S. Gutierrez

Thanks so much, I most definitely will add those things in. And thanks for the heart! ^_^

Yours in eternity,


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it sounds like a good idea keep building off of it! expand on her feelings her looks and whats happening with her!

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