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A pregnant women, silent tears, and sunshine

A pregnant women, silent tears, and sunshine

Emma is 5 months pregnant with her ex-boyfriends baby. She is in a relationship with a doctor that is on leave indefinitly, has become an alcoholic and a violent man, but loves him even with how he is now.
Emma and Tyler (her boyfriend) have a talk one day and say very heart felt stuff to each other. . .

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Good luck in the contest. You've got a good story and you could always expand it into a full length novel if you wanted to. :)

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Adam Lewis LaValley

I read this a day ago, but I wasn't able to answer (had to go to bed)....

This story definately deserves my vote, as you've done well with catching my feelings.

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Thank you, Shaylah.
Your description drew me in to the story, and took me on an emotional journey.

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