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A Power Beyond Man

User: countzero
A Power Beyond Man

An unknown bond between a man and a young goddess manifests as a demonic presence bent on devouring the universe.

Beiträge und Kommentare
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You are getting sleepy, very sleepy, but you will sleep with your eyes open and while they are open you will read my book, lol Yep did it on purpose ;)

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Gelöschter User

makes me dizzy.....

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Thank you all so much. It's so great to get such positive feedback from such a great group of individuals! Believe me when I say, I want to hurry up and write this story as much as you want to read it. I'm trying to dig a little deeper and put a bit of my philosophy and even more,my own psyche into this tale... so it comes in bits and pieces. I really want this one to have some depth and really shine! As soon as I have more... mehr anzeigen

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Beautiful metaphors! The last pages were really intense. You have a way with words... way to go!


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In kliked the story but found it somewhat simplistic although well written. I would have like more characters and some dialogue to break up the flow.; y old creative writing tutor always preferred dialogue to description

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Almost a stream of consciousness style of writing that moves the story with a flow that matches the man's journey and the passage of time and nature. Great concept, the promise of many adventures, good insight, a conflict and goal that need resolution...yeah, I wanna read more. :D

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