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This Tornado Loves You

User: rustiedog
This Tornado Loves You
Lillian is a stubborn 17-year old princess of the modern day. She hates being heir and snubs every royal event she can, including the princes her parents keep shoving towards her. Then she goes on a spur-of-the-moment trail ride with her horse, Snowflake, and her older sister, Mollie, and things end tragically. Stunned and with only herself to blame, she becomes the princess her parents wish she would be. Quiet, subdued, and submissive she is nothing like she was before as smart-aleck firecracker. When a distant cousin calls her father for some help, she is sent to Greenwell to learn the ways there and become heir. There she finds out about Prince Lucas—an arrogant, overconfident guy who brings Lillian’s anger bubbling to the surface every time. Lillian finds out that Prince Lucas is to be her husband, no backing out of this one. Then the Dark Knights attack and she is left hostage and a slave, Lucas nowhere to be found. Even worse, Lillian discovers she might be to blame for everything that went wrong….again.

Royalty, princesses, horses
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