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The Dozen From Lakerim

User: silviya
The Dozen From Lakerim
Some People Think It Great Fun To Build A House Of Cards Slowly And
Anxiously, And Then Knock It To Pieces With One Little Snip Of The
Finger. Or To Fix Up A Snow Man In Fine Style And Watch A Sudden Thaw
Melt Him Out Of Sight. Or To Write A Name Carefully, Like A Copy-Book,
And With Many Curlicues, In The Wet Sand, And Then Scamper Off And Let
The First High Wave Smooth It Away As A Boy's Sponge Wipes From His
Slate Some Such Marvelous Statement As, 12 × 12 = 120, Or 384 ÷ 16
Gives A "Koshunt" Of 25. When Such Things Are Erased It Doesn't Much
Matter; But There Are Occasions When It Hurts To Have Father Time Come
Along And Blot Out The Work You Have Taken Great Pains With And Have
Put Your Heart Into. Twelve Young Gentlemen In The Town Of Lakerim
Were Feeling Decidedly Blue Over Just Such An Occasion.

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