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User: K.Cart3r
Popular Project
Sierra, was always the nerd in class. Ever since elementary school she was a nerd. She's tried to get to the top but she never could.
Nick, the most popular guy in school, every girl wants him, but he chose the most evil person to be his girlfriend and when they break up he finds out she was cheating through out their whole relationship.
When these two different people's worlds collide they make a plan to take down the queen be.
Read to find out what happens

Romance, Popularity, Party, 16 and up
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As a high school student myself, I'll tell you what I think,

Alegbra II itself, in my experience, is actually a sophomore class, as is the advanced class. Even at that, my school does classes slightly differently than others, and I tend to find that we're a little bit behind. Maybe Trigonometry or even Calculus would be better options for "smarty pants" classes?

I have a little bit of advice for you: There's no need to point... mehr anzeigen

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Thank's for the constructive criticism

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Glad I could help. I love the story!


I changed it to BC Calculus

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I am not completely read but its good nice trying if you would be so you are nice writer :)

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