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Living in Secret

Living in Secret
Marius is and Agent at HEUNI the Italian Criminal justice agency. He's been given an assignment to go under cover in the Italian Mafia to bring Marcello Arcadius down. If he succeeds Marius would be promoted to Captain.

Roxanna has been working all her life to fight crime. Her parents were murdered when she was 3 years old on a vacation in Romania. She had no other family and had been thrust into the Romanian foster system. When she was seven she was adopted by by a elderly couple. When she finished college she moved back to Italy to pursue her career. Now she is fighting the Italian Mafia because they have dragged one of her closest friends into their cartel and she needs him out before HEUNI brings them down.

As these two character fight against the Mafia and fall into each other, will they come out stronger or weaker than ever?

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