Esther(Fiscle Part 3) A Book For Girls

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Esther(Fiscle Part 3) A Book For Girls
I Was Always Sorry That My Name Was Esther; Not That I Found Fault
With The Name Itself, But It Was Too Grave, Too Full Of Meaning For
Such An Insignificant Person. Some One Who Was Learned In Such
Matters--I Think It Was Allan--Told Me Once That It Meant A Star, Or
Good Fortune.

It May Be So, But The Real Meaning Lay For Me In The Marginal Note
Of My Bible: Esther, Fair Of Form And Good In Countenance, That
Hadassah, Who Was Brought To The Palace Of Shushan, The Beautiful
Jewish Queen Who Loved And Succored Her Suffering People; Truly A
Bright Particular Star Among Them.

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