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A Deep Sea Thriller Von:

During a very violent storm, a cargo ship is lost at sea, killing nearly everyone on board it. The incident leaves it's one last survivor, a fisherman named Jasper Hutchision, stranded in the open water.


Over a hundred miles from shore, Jasper must find a way to survive starvation, the weather, and the ocean's deadly predators.


But, as through a series of events, Jasper accidentally awakens something. . . millions of miles below the surface. An ancient and terrifying creature that's been asleep all this time. . . and now it's awake.


As blood begins to quickly fill the surrounding waters, Jasper is rescued by a US Navy ship that has a secret knowledge about the lost cargo ship, and wants to know more.


But, just when Jasper thinks he's on a safe and worry-free trip back home, something begins pursuing the ship, and everyone on board realizes that they are up against something prehistoric. Something hungry. Something very deadly.


Something beyond reality. Beyond imagination. Beyond hell.

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Jim E. Beer

A "sneak-peek" from Part 2 of 'Jim's Woods'
Titled: Going Deeper! - * Coming Soon! *

On my next trip back the tracks I smuggled some candles from our house and set them up in little tin pie plates. Then I built some shelves in the earthen walls by inserting sticks in the wall to act as anchors then laying longer branches across them where I could balance the candles, as well as a plastic container full of matches and a strip... mehr anzeigen

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